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Dr. Dirk Downing grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri where he pursued an active lifestyle through golf, swimming, diving, baseball, basketball, and football.

These experiences led Dirk to a career in Sport Psychology. Throughout his Masters and Doctoral programs, under the mentorship of Dr. Richard McGuire and Dr. Scotta Morton respectively, Dirk began working with the University of Missouri - Columbia collegiate athletes.

From 2013 to 2017, Dirk enhanced mental performance with sport psychology services to the coaching staff and the players of the men's & women's golf teams and the women's soccer team at the university.  In addition, Dirk attended staff meetings where he collaborated with the coaching staff, academic coordinators, strength coaches, compliance personnel, and the team's athletic trainers on targeted services to support the athletes.

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Dr. Dirk with Donald Crawley,

World-Renowned Swing Coach